Third and last day at Cartoon Digital

Third and last day at Cartoon Digital


A very intense day with 8 keynotes and a final round table in 3 parts! – Check out the First Day and the Second Day

Here's what we've seen, learned and heard.


The morning started with Janine Weigold (Manager Animated Originals Kids & Family @ Netflix). She shared great insights on what Netflix is currently looking for and how to pitch to them.

"Great stories do come from anywhere in the world and are not limited to specific countries or regions. We are working on content from Africa, from Latin America, from Europe, from Asia. On that note, diversity is much bigger than cultural diversity or ethnicity, there's gender, there's LGBTQ+, there's disabilities status, there's different socioeconomic status, just to mention a few, and we believe it is important for our content to reflect the diversity of our audiences and we continue to work on better representation on screens." 

Right after, Mladen Dukić (Producer @ Aeon), Rafi Nizam (Creative Consultant & Media Executive), and Marc Goodchild (Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product @ Warner Media) discussed game technology applied to animation.

To look into “Animation Digital Trends”, Adam Woodgate (SVP Media Insights @ Dubit) shared with us a very interesting study on kids’ consumption of screens, showing new trends and informative numbers.

Louis Cacciuttolo (CEO @ VRrOOm) presented the trends in AR and VR.

To talk about content and branding, Raj Pathmanathan (Creative Director @ Kids Industries) explain how Kids Industries helps brands develop new experiences and enhance their content strategy in the new digital space.


Bringing big IPs into the digital world of today can be a real challenge. This is how they did it: Christopher Keenan (SVP/Executive Producer @ Mattel) presented the use case of Barbie, and Pietro Pinetti (CEO @ Studio Bozzetto & Co) talked about “Tip the Mouse”, a linear animated TV reboosted on animation and licensing front.

Mike Young (Co CEO @ Splash Entertainment) tackled the great topic of "Entrepreneurship in the Digital Space – What’s left for the Content Creators?". His take-away is: "The strength of independant creators is that they are the ones bringing the great original ideas, not the big studios. They have to cease that opportunity: bring something from their own culture and hold on to the rights. Big studios need them!"

After a video presenting the MEET Center in Milano, Linda Di Pietro (from BASE Milano) and Cristian Jezdic (Cartoon Italia) discussed how art and technology can go hand to hand. And Linda to conclude: "There's indeed a bright future for human and digital space together if we keep including other voices, if we keep it open for lateral exchanges where art, science and technology can all work together."

THE ROUND TABLE - in 3 parts

Part 1 with Olivier Dumont (Entertainment One – UK), Karen Vermeulen (Gaumont – FR), Cristiana Buzzelli (Rainbow – IT)
Within 5 years, it has been said that we will get more of what we have now: features for family, more co-viewing. It is also going to be more and more difficult to create uber-brand, like a "Peppa Pig" for example. At the same time, the cost to access of eyeball will indeed be less than it used to be.

Part 2 with Mike Young (Splash Entertainment/Kabillion – USA) and Christopher Keenan (Mattel TV – USA)
With a US perspective, here's what we've heard "If you want to have a hope in hell to build a brand, you can't limit yourself on one channel. And you should create as many different formats as possible."

Part 3 Luca Milano (RAI Ragazzi – IT) and Shamik Majumdar (The Walt Disney Company EMEA – UK)
On the public broadcaster side, they will keep their role of regulators to keep pluralism alive and respected. They also will continue to invest into independent productions.


Check out the First Day and the Second Day

Many great learnings, a lot of fun, thank you to everyone who participated to this year's Carton Digital!